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    About Us


    PSL "Puf Sains Lab" is an inovation and also a  manufacturing company offering high quality natural and high purity chemicals for various industries along with laboratory services, regulatory compliance services, and private label manufacturing services, mainly for e-liquid.

    In 2020 PT Puf Sains Lab received several awards, some of which were from LEPRID (Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia) & MURI for the inovation in the field of nicotine inventions and innovations, NICSAL 99+ and FB 99+.
    PT Puf Sains Lab together with succeeded in their first discovery, a new type of nicotine salt called Nicsal99+, then followed by a new type of nicotine freebase, call FB 99+.
    Next discovery is to formulate herbal (non-nicotine) e-liquids for health that can be consumed through a vaporizer system. All these innovations have been granted and protected by patents.
    PT Puf Sains Lab  continue to conduct various researches to further  innovations in the field of biotechnology.


    We take quality issues seriously.

    • FB 99+
    • Nicsal 99+
    • E-Liquid Bases
    • Flavours & Additives


    Our motto: Puff, It’s better stuff. We strive to make better products for the enjoyment of consumers.  In everything we make and do,  we aim to provide a better choices and alternatives for a better life for our customers.


    Puf Sains Lab was founded  by a seasoned team of engineers, scientists, chemists, consumer electronics and natural medicine stakeholders as a means to further our mission: to improve the quality of people’s lives through science and innovation.

    Our expertise applies our innovative approach to natural extraction combined with our propriety patents and inventions. PSL (PT Puf Sains Lab) aims to bring you the best alternative for adult smokers or the betterment of life. Better vapor, better battery, better flavor.


    As far as the eyes can see, it is distance that separates us, but no matter how far we are, we certainly have one thing in common, namely quality. We realize that there are distances that we cannot reach, there are times that we cannot stop but the journey must continue, therefore Quality is the middle point for our meeting. Quality matters, but “rich taste” is a must, but the goal is always  to produce a good wonderful products for our partners and customers.

    The selection of flavors, essences and manufacturing methods has always been the most important thing that we always pay attention to. Our laboratories and factories are created to meet international pharmaceutical lab standards in order to maintain cleanliness and accuracy in all manufacturing processes from research development. quality control, to designing and packaging of our end products, according to the best procedures.


    In accordance with the mission of SCIENTIFIC. PSL has made various investments in RnD over the years, investing in facilities and expertise, where RnD has produced many products protected by 100+ intellectual properties.


    In PSL lab, we use solar panels, we utilize solar energy in addition to saving power, and of course solar panels are more environmentally friendly because they do not emit harmful greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide.

    We pay great attention to all aspects of support, starting from lab uniforms made of static fabric which is specially designed to reduce the flow of electricity to the human body, so that it can reduce the number of damage to the resulting product so it is very safe to use. Anti-static / Electrostatic discharge (ESD) polyester fabric combined with conductive carbon fiber yarn produces a lightweight and dust-resistant material.

    Furthermore, the insulating walls and doors are made from a mixture of aluminum, zinc & iron panels in the middle which are coated with anti-burn styrofoam material, so that the building space is very safe in the event of a short circuit, minimizing the occurrence of fires in the walls. While the floor is coated with epoxy. Epoxy-coated concrete floors last longer than those coated with regular paint. Besides being easy to clean, Epoxy floors also meet industry ISO standards.

    To reduce contamination, we use central air conditioning with a Hepa filter. Physically, this factory building is designed similar to a pharmaceutical industry factory. Hepa filters are very commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The HEPA filter is one of the important components in the HVAC system (pronounced “eich-fak”) “heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning” or often known as air conditioning. HEPA stands for “High Efficiency Particulate Air” or “High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance.” HEPA is a filter that is made, tested and certified so that it complies with Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology (IEST) standards. HEPA functions to filter air from the environment so that it is clean to be channeled into the clean area of the pharmaceutical production room. In an HVAC system, the air is previously filtered through a prefilter, then passes through a filter medium and then filtered through a HEPA filter. Air filtration is carried out in stages to effectively create truly clean room air, like air in the mountains.


    We Supply Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) in various types, depending on Customer’s needs.

    • Full Documentation
    • Pharmaceutical or Technical Quality
    • USP / EP Available
    • Liquid Form
    • Applied in many industries


    NICSAL99+ and FB99+ is the latest technology developed by Puf Sains Lab.

    The Public Health of England also warns that the dangers of conventional cigarettes are 20 times greater than that of e-cigarettes.
    (Image: No smoking logo)

    Many studies show that switching from conventional cigarettes to vapor-based e-cigarettes (not smoke) provides many benefits and minimizes risks for consumers. In order to find this alternative, PT PUF Sains Lab have conducted research for the past 2 years through Low Pressure Low Temperature (LPLT) and High Pressure Low Temperature (HPLT) technology to find the right nicotine replacement, so that it can help smokers switch from cigarettes. conventional to e-cigarettes.

    Super Smooth Nicotine Sensation™


    The pleasure of nicotine without harsh throat hit (or without “choking sensation”) . Our nicsal99+ provides the perfect sensation for your nicotine needs. 


    FB99+ is a new technology and innovations in freebase nicotine. Puf Sains Lab always puts consumer trust first by providing a true throat hit sensation. The number 99 in FB99+ illustrates that the nicotine used is pure nicotine that has gone through the trial stage 99 times. With the best selected materials, through international standard processes, strict quality control and quality assurance. FB99+ is created created for those MTL  (mouth to lung ) users who want to switch to a healthier life. The taste in this liquid is a taste that is liked by many people but with a unique touch so as to provide a new experience for the audience.

    Super Smooth Sensation™

    PSL innovates the complete chilled sensation branded “Super Smooth Sensation”. Feel the pleasure of a complete chill. This innovation is developed in house domestically (indonesian: “karya anak bangsa” ).