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PUF Sains LAB is the only producer of natural tobacco extract that presents the sensation of authentic Indonesian kretek by using local tobacco extraction made in the lab.

PT PUF Sains Lab developed a new type of Salt Nicotine which was named NICSAL99+. Unlike other nicotine salts, NICSAL99+ provides a 'Throat Hit' sensation which is much smoother and more comfortable in the throat, so it can be used as a substitute for conventional cigarettes while reducing the health risks of consumers from cigarette smoke.

Quality products are obtained from the use of selected materials obtained from various areas, manufacturing processes that use international standard processes and equipment, strict quality control and quality assurance, storage and distribution according to standards.

Therefore, quality is the center point for our meeting. Quality matters are no joke. “Tasty” is a must, but the goal is always to produce the best product.

Flavor selection, nicotine technology and manufacturing methods are the most important things we always pay attention to. One of the clear evidences is the production lab that we created to meet international pharmaceutical lab standards in order to maintain cleanliness and accuracy in all manufacturing processes.


PSL “Puf Sains Lab” is an inovation and also a  manufacturing company offering high quality natural and high purity chemicals for various industries along with laboratory services, regulatory compliance services, and private label manufacturing services, mainly for e-liquid.

In 2020 PT Puf Sains Lab received several awards, some of which were from LEPRID (Lembaga Prestasi Indonesia) & MURI for the inovation in the field of nicotine inventions and innovations, NICSAL 99+ and FB 99+.
PT Puf Sains Lab together with succeeded in their first discovery, a new type of nicotine salt called Nicsal99+, then followed by a new type of nicotine freebase, call FB 99+.
Next discovery is to formulate herbal (non-nicotine) e-liquids for health that can be consumed through a vaporizer system. All these innovations have been granted and protected by patents.
PT Puf Sains Lab  continue to conduct various researches to further  innovations in the field of biotechnology.